Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Instrument training

We had a lab training about the new nano-electrosprayer today. It is said that this little instrument is really useful but expensive at the same time. Recently my professor finally got money to buy it. Well, although I tried hard to catch what the trainer said, I actually caught little. I was sleepy all the morning and could hardly concentrate on the topic ongoing. And I found out that I was so unfamiliar with those acdemic words and phrases that they made me frustrated. I understand now what an alumni who has lived in US for about 20 years said: You are truly good at English only when you know why the native speakers are laughing when they do so. This is exactly the case. During the training, there were many times when all of the labmates laughed but I just had no idea what they were laughing at. This made me feel like an outsider, or even a fool. Not a pleasant feeling of course. However, during the meet-together of noon, I could totally understand almost every word the presentor said even thouth she spoke much faster then the trainer. Well, I think maybe I'm just not familiar enough with those acdemic words used in our lab. Or maybe I'm just not interested enough in the acdemic works? I have no idea. I should have worked harder in my lab in China so that things could be easier for me here and now. Anyway, I think I should try hard to improve the language abilities as well as the acdemic skills.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Applying for the SSN card and shopping

Today Anqi and I went to the SSA office to apply for the SSN card. Everything went smoothly. The officials are kind and helpful. The documents we brought with us are passport, DS2019 and the social security letter given by the International Center of UM.
On our way back we dropped in the Briarwood mall and shopped for some clothes. I am so excited that I bought a lovely jeans with half the price as the original. We also bought some lip gloss and lip balm which are also on sale. Clothes here are really inexpensive and it's a good idea going shopping here.

Friday, July 3, 2009

0703 an interesting day

Today is July 3, the first day of the three-day long weekend. After a disappointing morning in dorm, I finally found Anqi to accompany me to go out and wander around the town with me. We set out at about half past two and walked towards the central campus. In our way we were fascinated by the swings of the Angell Elementary School along the road and we decided to enjoy ourselves before continuing. It was really fun! Last time I played the swing was almost 8 years ago. I love playing swings very much but do not often have such chances. Sitting in the swing and watching the sky moving in front of my eyes, I felt like I was a young child again. Later we played the sliding board.

At the bus stop near C.C.Little Building, we met two Chinese students who are going to a shopping mall on north campus. Since we had no clear destination in our mind, we decided to go with them. There is a supermarket called Kroger. We went shopping in that supermarket. We apply for a membership card since a lot of the good bargains can only be bought when we have it. We bought lovely and also delicious black sweet cherries. Those are the best cherries I have ever eaten! And they are not expensive at all. Great!

Finally we went to a Chinese market and bought noodles, meatballs and fishballs which are commonly used in hotpots in China. Of course, we had a wonderful super back home in Oxford Housing.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

houses and birds' song

First impression of Ann Arbor